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quotes Cleaning is your first maintenance  quotes

About TDC

A small company with over 15 years of dedicated experience in the field of specialized cleaning.

Technical Deep Cleaning combines various specific dry and   waterpoor cleaning methods, with dry ice blasting and steam cleaning as core techniques. Where necessary, this is complemented with the traditional and well-known techniques to achieve optimal results.

What is TDC

Cleaning should be seen as the first maintenance of your machinery.

This sets the level of hygiene and makes technical inspections and work considerably more effective. A basic requirement keeping your production running, and which eventually reduces interferences and production losses to a minimum.

Success is determined by applying the correct equipment and methods and the use of experienced professionals.

Work area TDC

The work of Technical Deep Cleaning is not limited to The Netherlands.

We also work for customers in Belgium, Germany, France and England.

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